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Welcome, you came to the home page of natural landscape design sha.  heisha is the garden planner
doing one built with view using nature.  It plans to be fused a building in the center and I propose planting.
Of time and effort, it hangs.  With the customer who hopes that he'd like love nature truly and live together
until he comes to upbringing management and the environment from vegetable pruning.  I'd like tokeep-
having that together.

自然景観設計舎をお尋ね戴き 有難うございます。 
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Constraction:  Ourinadditionto4kindsofsamplescommentisshown.
Problemsolving: Wearesharingyoursomeanxiety,and solution will be drawn.


 Although a concept always changes, by "denial", it will lose
possibility and will induce a barren result by "permission."
Worry and both our work is glad.
 Anyway!  But a difficult thing is plants management.
Because, it is since it does not necessarily become as expected.
Therefore, it is if experience and knowledge are required.


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UP  NEW    デッキを造りました 
UP  NEW! 常緑樹の植栽


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